Diversified Dealers

"Helping Dealers To Become More Profitable"

$200 Million SAVED. $20 Million REBATED

Diversified Dealers is a valued resource for purchasing products and services that dealerships utilize in the course of everyday business by combing the strength of the dealership group to secure the best possible price on everyday items. This is accomplished while maintaining the highest standards of product equality and vendor service. All endorsed vendors are rigorously vetted and re-bid on a regular basis thus increasing the profitability of the dealership.

This is not a classroom theory. This is a proven concept–backed by real dealer experiences.

Over the past 40 years, dealerships in various parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee and California have been saving thousands of dollars every month in DDA programs. Today, approximately 250 dealerships are enrolled in the DDA programs and are currently reaping great savings. To amass the greatest buying power available, we are beginning today to move beyond our current dealer membership. As an associate of State Associations such as LADA and MADA, DDA will be offered to dealerships throughout the south where the total number of potential participating dealerships is unlimited.



Your In-house Management Company Without The Cost!

  • Founded in 1980

  • Over 40 years of purchasing, cost control and general management experience

  • Successful group purchasing enhancement program with Automobile Dealers since January 1980

  • Joint venture opportunities with other established co-ops

  • Acquired experience in a broad range of industries

  • Hands-on partner in executing agreed upon changes

  • Utilizes superior purchasing for dealership specific commodities and services

  • Unhampered by potentially emotional relationships with suppliers

  • Associate member of Associate member of