Diversified Dealers

Dealer Benefits


  • Time spent with vendors is reduced significantly freeing the dealer and staff members to attend to the business of running the dealership.

  • Approved suppliers can often perform valuable, in-house training services, assist with inventory, and handle obsolescence.


  • Suppliers are chosen based on their ability to provide quality products and superior service as well as delivering low prices.

  • The collective purchasing power of DDA reaches beyond price to gain leverage with suppliers.

  • Working with DDA-approved suppliers ensures service levels that fit individual needs, are consistent and a direct result of the group buying power.

  • Vendor performance is monitored for consistency and pro-actively managed by DDA.


  • Pre-negotiated pricing for goods and services assures price stability, aiding in planning, and dealership management.

  • The buying power of a large dealer group ensures the best possible pricing, service and responsiveness of each vendor.

  • Lower prices mean improved profitability.

  • Profitability of each dealership can grow in proportion to how much the dealership takes advantage of the Diversifed Dealers Programs.


  • A cost analysis of the dealership expenditures and buying practices will identify additional profit opportunities.

The Keys to Making it Work

Dealer Ownership

DDA works because it's strength is controlled by you -- the dealers.


The key is solidarity. The more dealers that participate in the program, the greater the rewards. Individual dealer savings are determined by the cumulative usage of all the member dealers. What's more our programs will detail your expenses and your savings to enable you to have better understanding of your expenditures -- to better run your business.

Quality Vendors/Supplier Management

Recognizing the long-standing relationships that many dealers have with vendors, it is imperative that all DDA vendors consistently deliver the highest quality products, with the most responsive service, at the lowest possible price.
Therefore, DDA has conducted exhaustive searches in securing the vendors for the program. We have exercised strenuous due diligence in researching those vendors to ensuring that they meet with our quality and service standards. Also, DDA conducts the negotiations to lock in the most favorable pricing for DDA Members.